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I notice, after I'm in the zone, I hear the reverberations of my other drumheads sympathetically vibrating, pretty loud it seems too. But when I first start the exercise, before I am in the zone, I can't hear the reverberations. And I am listening for them. Where did they go? Nowhere, it's my awareness that hasn't heightened yet. Very strange. Something happens with repetition. When you hear the exact same click for 20 minutes or more straight, something happens. It triggers a meditative state or something. (if you allow yourself) Then the reverberations are very much noticeable to me. I get temporary super hearing, it's cool.
The same thing happens with repetition while playing beats for you listening audience. I feel as drummers we often don't realize that by playing the exact same thing for a few mins puts everyone listening in a trance. Remember the power of repetition as well as chops.


Larry, I tried this as well over this weekend. Only took a few counts to bury the click leading with my right hand. However I did find it took a little longer to bury the click when I switched to left hand lead.....I love it when I find spots where I need improvement. I worked on this leading with the left hand for another 45 mins this morning. Thanks!

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Ah, I was reading about Jim Blackley's Essence of Jazz Drumming over on cymbalholics and this playing at 40 bpm thing is all through it apparently. Good discussion over there in the archive about how it works.

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How are folks getting on with this? I've dropped it down to 10 minutes per session now. But am nailing the click almost from the off now. It's working wonders with my Moeller technique


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I'm still doing it. I had been doing it about month before I originally posted this thread, so I've been doing it for 2 months, a few times a week, an hour or more at a time. It really evens your strokes out. It works like 10 things at once. Focus is the main thing. Man, if you can focus hard for an hour... a 6 minute song is a breeze. Even though I practice 1 tempo, all my other tempos benefit. Not to say I will always practice one tempo, but I really don't feel I mastered it yet. But it's very relaxing. Clears my head. I haven't got "the look" since I started doing this. Coincidence? Or just a benefit of metronome work? Who cares? I haven't gotten THE LOOK!


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I'm afraid to try it...LOL

I have trouble at 50bpm 40? that's insane you guys are aliens or something...
edit:[ok - i'll give it a shot]