The Roland TD17 kvx


Hi, I was wondering if anyone owns or if someone can answer this? Can you mount the snare on the right and mount the Low tom on the left.
From the pics of this kit it doesn't look like it would be a problem but I'd like to double check before I buy. Thank you Dworld!


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I think the brain would have to go on the right too then...?
Not necessarily if you don't want to.

On a relatively symmetrical rack like the TD-17 I don't see why you can't leave the module on the left hand side (you might have to swap around the cables used for the hi-hat and floor tom though if one is significantly shorter than the other).


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TD17 has that annoying proprietary cable snake. But with the use of a bunch of extension cables you can put things wherever you like.

Rochelle Rochelle

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See this thread for my left-handed setup of the TD-17KV. I did end up moving the module back to the left side and used some extension cables for the ones that didn't reach.