the ole' ultra light Ludwig stand


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Anybody use one of these old things for gigs? Its incredibly light, and seems to hold my 5 x 14 Supra fine, but I wonder how it fares on larger heavier drums on gigs. Also like that it collapses down to something only one foot long.
I bought MIJ copy of one at a garage sale for $5 last week and it is in no way the same, very unsturdy.



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IMHO, The main advantage of that stand is that it packs neatly into UFO and tombstone cases. This makes it handy for students and light-packing gigging drummers.

The down side is that it doesn't hold heavy drums well, as it was intended to hold Acrolites and Pioneers. My 6.5" BBeauty was about the max that the stand could handle without a lug lock above the tension ring..


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I use that for my local gigs & sessions, although mine has the flatbase legs. I cut it down by 3" to accommodate an 8" snare, and it's sturdy with only a little wobble (due to the close contact points of the legs on the center tube.) With the legs on your stand, you won't have any problem with that.

My (local) cymbal stands are also older 1400 stands and have served me well for the 15 years I've had them.