The most awesome practice tool!


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Tutorials are always a great idea, so thanks for taking the time to do and share them.
I do have some comments & suggestions though.

* It's very efficient to come up with a precise thread title so folks know what the thread is all about _before_ actually having to click it to see whether it's something interesting for the specific forum user. (In this case, what about "Guitar Pro Drum Tutorial"? Now that title is quite precise. Whereas "The most awesome practice tool!" gave me zero idea honestly. Maybe I'm just too analytical, but imagine 50% of the people clicking this thread find it uninteresting. That makes a lot of people losing - even if it's just a few seconds - time only to find it's not a topic of concern to them. Take an x amount of seconds and multiply it with, say, half the number of visitors of that thread = total of time lost. Now imagine the same situation but with a clearer thread title... Makes some difference to me.

* Why Guitar Pro 5, not 6? I'm using v6 because it's the newest version (assuming that the newer the version the better the prog - I agree some things are worse than v5 though), having one major advantage to v5 (although the stuff I'm writing is very guitar oriented) which I'm liking very much: Arobas/the company developing Guitar Pro have finally abandoned their drum element number system and applied the standard drum notation. Especially if one is posting tutorials on a drumming forum I'd expect the respective notation not to be drum tabs, Guitar Pro 5 number system or anything else but... standard drum notation. To avoid people from having to start getting into yet another system just because whoever developed that system didn't care to simply use what is around and well established in the drumming community.
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Hey Arky!

Thank you for the well thought out response! You are absolutely right with the posting title, I'll correct that next time :p

As for V5 vs V6, it's no doubt that V6 has more capabilities, especially with the RSE (Realistic sound engine), however, the reason I do prefer V5, apart from it being what I grew up on, is the numbers are not just "at random". You can place them in "random" spots, but the numbers actually represent their specific drums in MIDI. I acknowledge that is a "new" system to learn, but it really only takes a minute to get through it. Drum music in general is already pretty much tab, the way to look at it is every drum represents a number. I may end up doing a V6 tutorial as well but the main reason for making the tutorial videos is so that when we discuss our own stuff/complex ideas using guitar pro, anyone can learn quickly about how to use it.

Stay tuned! We will be uploading some awesome ideas in the very near future!