"The Magnificent 7" jazz drum book


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I was searching for books about jazz soloing and I found this little big gem.

Written by Dusan Milenkovic, it is a book of jazz solo transcriptions from seven of the most influential jazz drummers of our days (Sanchez, Stewart, Watts, Harland, Blade, Hutchinson, Nash), taken from YouTube performances (one for each artist).

Beyond learning the solos themselves, this book really inspire to create and develop a own drum sound and vocabulary.

Here's a link to a promotional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f6pDUdXJjM

Anthony Amodeo

Eric Harland is so unbelievably nasty

this book looks great


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With my bday coming up next week, this will be a perfect gift. If I understand correctly, the price is about 26 dollars, right?

The Magnificent 7

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Thank you guys for the kind words.
Let me answer your question about the price... Yes, it is around 26$ but the shipping costs are included in the price, so basically the book costs much less than that.
Thx again,