The legendary Steve Gadd.


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Thanks for all of the links. Keep 'em coming too :)

One of the first more "tricky" grooves I learned was that "50 ways" , I'm sure for others too.


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Finally got to see Gadd last night with Chick Corea. He's been at the top of my drummer bucket list for quite some time now. (Next on the list is Vinnie, who I will see in just a few days with Herbie Hancock.) Gadd was so great! I just love the way he plays. By the way, he played matched grip pretty much the whole time, with his left hand low, down at thigh level, with a sort of a french grip, thumb on top, thing going on.

Tony Trout

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Along with Ronnie Tutt, Steve Gadd is among my top all-time favorite drummers. What really got my attention regarding Gadd's playing was Eric Clapton's second-to-final "Crossroads" concert DVD where he did an absolutely smokin' version of "Cocaine" with Gadd on drums!!! I haven't seen that particular DVD in a long time so I may get it out and watch it again. :)