The grooviest groove?


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The stuff that withstood the test of time.

the deepest funk, the hippest groove, the steadiest pulse, the tightest pocket?

however we guys choose to describe what I'm trying to describe, and you know what I'm tying to describe..
what comes to mind?

James Brown's sex machine,
Steve Gadd's 50 ways
Steely Dan's Josie, Babylon sisters,
Tower of Power's
Pocket full of soul,
Herbie Hankock's Chameleon,
Jaco's Teen town,
Average White Band's Pick up the pieces.....

what else?
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Pete Stoltman

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Today's version of this list:

Spanish Moon - Little Feat
You Belong to Me - Carly Simon
September - Earth, Wind, & Fire
Such A Night - Dr. John (he's recorded it a bunch of times, pick one)

Just some stuff I've been listening to lately.


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Seriously, I cant believe that its been a whole 3 posts since someone said THE METERS!

Dammit man,

Cissy Strut
Funky Miracle
Here Come The Metermen.....JEEEEEEEBUS, if I can slam a groove like that I will die happy.

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson (The Roots) - Proceed

Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan) - Home At Last

I could get carried away listing groovy groove senseis, so I will leave it at those 3.


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Beginning of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
I met Steve Ferrone of Tom Petty a few months ago and he was previously from Avg. White Band and all of there stuff had a great groove.
He also has two CD's of his own that are nothing but groove.


I've always loved Charlie Watts' feel on Bitch by the Rolling Stones.


So many...

Lately it's been:

"Let's Stay Together"- Al Green

"Girls Like That"- Weird War

"Feathers"- Twilight Singers (The fellow on the skins is none other than Stanton Moore)

"Chest Fever"- The Band

"Shaft"- Ike and Tina live version

"Very Rare"- John Spencer Blues Explosion


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cissy strut. definitely. i've just been jamming to it for an hour.


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Disco Stu

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To me, the grooviest grooves begin and end with James Brown & the JBs.

Beyond that, how about:

"Getaway" - Earth, Wind & Fire
"Flash Light" - Parliament
"Who'd She Coo?" - Ohio Players
"Alphabet Street" - Prince
The Meters...ah, take your pick
"Shake Your Rump" - Beastie Boys
"The Crunge" - Led Zeppelin's groovy, funky tune

Ozzy Biz

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I can't believe no one's mentioned this one...

Cold Sweat - JB.

Then there's

Cissy Strut - Meters
Sex Machine - JB
What is Hip? - Tower of Power
The Crunge - Led Zeppelin
Water - The Roots

They're the first ones that come to mind


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Another One Bites The Dust, Queen. One of Roger Taylor's finest moments, the groove sits perfectly with that bassline.

Haven't seen Out on The Tiles by Led Zep either, one of his strongest grooves.


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cissy strut. definitely. i've just been jamming to it for an hour.


Without geometry, life is pointless.

Funny, when i was younger i'd listen to Cissy Strut and Funky Drummer and not even consider the complexity involved, i'd just hear 4/4. Now i want play them as they actually are and it's taking me forever to get them right. Funky Drummer's a coordinational nightmare.


Most of the Rage against the Machine songs kill me, e.g. Vietnow, Killing in the Name. And Kashmir by Led Zep.