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Here's my Canopus Zelkova.
I think my message got lost during the forums changeover to the new forum. I really like this snaredrum, beautiful! I think it sounds just as good as it looks?

I recently got myself the Sonor GH signature snare. Very versatile and the sound is fantastic. I’m blown away by the sound of my rimclicks on the S hoop. It came with 3 different strainers in a cool box, 3 dampening rings (one with numbers on it for tuning, very useful), 2 drumkeys and a purple Harcase.

I like to play the snaredrum with my fingertips sometimes and I can’t believe the difference in volume to my other snaredrum when playing like that.



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Just waiting for brand New Tama Starphonic aluminium to come. I tried to Play on this snare last Saturday and after many suggestions given by members of this forum I decide to get one .
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I just purchased this dw thin rolled aluminum snare, which I think will replace my black beauty as my all purpose snare. The finish isn't the prettiest but the sound fits right perfectly between a metal snare and wood snare, and is extremely versatile, plus I love DW's mag throw off and 3 position butt plate.


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My very favorite snare is a 1964 Gretsch Round Badge 5 & 1/2 by 14 with the crappy renown strainer. That strainer is a pain in the butt, often slipping when I really dig into the drum... but the tone... I've looked closely at the shell many times - it's just a really good one, with beautiful bearing edges that are just right; not too sharp, not too round. I've played lots of RB snares. Some blow me away, some don't. For whatever reason, this one is special. I've heard a lot of people say Gretsch isn't really known for their snares like other companies... I love em!


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No one has mentioned the Premier Signia Maple range - ok it's been out of production for about 15 years, but these things sing like no one's business. Gorgeous drums and very reasonably prices in the used market. Aside from sounding fantastic, the build is superb ( maple with beech reinforcing rings) and the snare mech makes it very easy to change snare heads without mucking up your settings. This is a track I recorded with one - 14x5, puresounds, Ambassador top and Evans hazy bottom.

My other favourites: The Yamaha Birch Steve Gadd signature snare - 14x5 - bags and bags of tone, simple and just sounds fantastic. If you can get the original wires all the better, but it sounds wonderful with Puresound equalisers too. My favourite of all time.

Ludwig Acrolite and Supraphonic. No one needs me to tell them how good these are. I have an Acro with imperial lugs ( No idea where they came from) and it's phenominal.

Premier Modern Classic: again old Premier - designed in conjunction with Steve White these drums were straight sided shells, ultra simple, 8 tube lugs and sounded amazing with a fibreskyn on. starting to get expensive now though.
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Since the Tama forum is down for several months now I'll post my newest member of the family here. Some people here know me, some don't. But hey: Nice to be here. :D

I found this snare on Ebay and I simply couldn't resist. The guy selling it never used it. It's been sitting on display in his living room for 14 years. Good as new apart from a little bit of dust. It's a limited 2004 Tama Exotix Bubinga snare drum with Quilted Bubinga as the outer ply and that beautiful abalone inlay all around the shell. The finish is called Quilted Bubinga Burst. Size is 14"x6".

The hardware is refered to as simply Nickel. Not Black Nickel. It differs a little bit from Tamas newer Black Nickel finish which is smooth. This one looks more like it's a little brushed. Better treat it well, it's gonna be hard to find replacement parts. :p

Here's how it goes with the rest of my kit. Kind of fits, but then again it's a snare drum. It's allowed to stand out. :p
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Tama has been updating their website with new goodies, including these snares.

SLP 8x15 steel (limited edition):

SLP 10x14 birch:



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Was testing new finishes and this one came out real nice.
I named it Caramel Patina.

14x6.5 spun brass, die-cast aluminum hoops, 10 lugs.


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This is my latest purchase, an early 1960s 15 x 12 Slingerland marching snare that I bought for $238 on Reverb. I now use it as my main snare with my drum set, with an Evans UV1 on top, and an Evans 500 on the bottom. I was expecting it to blossom at an obscenely high tuning, and have a bright, penetrating tone, but it actually doesn't tune very high, and its tone is very warm and dark.



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I second this! I can imagine that such a drum would be designed to achieve the drum sounds that Jeff is famous for...too bad it wouldn't give you his feel!
Jeff played Frankenstein setups in the studio.
Mostly Yamaha recording series drums with a Ludwig Supra snare.

He kind of did the Buddy Rich thing ,endorse one company and play another's because you thought it superior(Fibes).

So for Pearl to introduce a JP snare ,well...