The Godfather of 'Soup'


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The things they did to keep the gig..

an exrtract from Adweek-

When soup starts getting funky, pour it down the drain. We find an exception to that rule in these two 1992 Japanese spots starring James Brown.

This double slice of sublime soulful salesmanship was just crowned "the greatest commercial ever" by The Feed at CBS News. That honor was bestowed ironically, of course, but there's no denying Brown's awesome appeal in terms of self-parody and the ability to make a product pitch entirely his own. (Even if he doesn't necessarily bother to lip-sync every single word.)

You can't get tired of watching the Godfather of Soul—tricked out in a shiny, skin-tight blue monstrosity—bust some moves and growl "Misoppa!" as he savors the apparently heady brew of Nissin's Cup Miso Noodle.
His high-octane performance makes the spot, which could have been merely embarrassing, terrifically tasty, and crazily cool. He's on the scene like a soup machine. Yeeeeeee-ow!

Any others?........ I know Jaco did a thing for Japanese Aurex tapes, and Mangini did something recently for a cleaner (? )...

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