The first song you learned to play


What was the first tune you learned when you picked up drumming? Stevie Beginner's thread on 10 Best Drum Songs to Learn as a Beginner got me nostalgic. Thought I'd make a new thread out of it.

This will totally date me, but mine was "December" by Collective Soul. Learned it circa 1996.


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Love Hurts by Nazareth. Pretty simple song and I was able to find a video of it on You tube that actually showed the original drummer well enuf that I could follow along to his fills.


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Good question...

Must've been one of the following...

Status Quo "Whatever You Want"

Status Quo "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"

Jitney "Picture Of Love" (local band, they only released one 7")

Opus "Life Is Life" (ouch!)



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"The Song Remains the Same" - Zeppelin

That was only song that I knew all of the changes to and was easy enough to play.


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None so far (still beginner), and I'm not rushing to learn some. Wanna have technique first.


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Haha it's funny to think about, but probably Smells Like Teen Spirit. I got a drum kit, never played before and literally weeks later we were playing it in front of our high school. Maybe 10 years later I actually learned how to play the intro with the hi-hat foot. It's actually kinda clever.


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That's so hard to remember since I started playing around 1973.
The fist song I learned all the way through as a "band" was Keep Playin' That Rock n Roll by Edgar Winter. Anyone even heard of that song here?


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Snare part to the theme song to the movie Bridge Over the river Kwai.
What'd I Say...Ray Charles for the rock set.


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First song for me was Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets for middle school jazz band. I had totally forgotten about that way to bring back memories.