The Distance between 0 & 1, a JoJo Meyer TEDx video


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Great clip, thanks for sharing. I've seen Jojo talk about this in other clips but not to this extent. For all of this technical talents, Jojo has developed all of it simply to express a musical concept. Which is what it's all about.

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Yes, I enjoyed it enough to share it. I have a hard time articulating drum talk the way he does (for obvious reasons), like breaking down the beat and explaining how it came to be. But I like what he says about how there is a point where intuition takes the place of intention. That's where feel comes into play. When my fills and the expression in the beat just comes out of pure instinct and not so much intention. Not that intention is a bad thing, but when a person can get beyond that, then that's where creativity and originality comes out of a person. It's a pretty deep and advanced concept, but when you can stop playing with rigid intention and start exploring with improvised intuition, it can open up another level of playing ability.

There are three phases to song development: the incubation phase, the illumination phase and the verification phase. (this is just me speaking here)

Many a song comes from the drummer just noodling around on some beat, then a guitarist or whomever will add a riff, etc, etc.

This kind of out of the box thinking can really help develop better songs in the incubation and illumination phases of development.

I don't know, am I looking too deep into this?


Just thanks for leading me to this video because the idea that their is something between 0 and 1 on a musical level and even on a philosophical (man vs machine) gave me food for thought.
Its amazing that Jojo Meyer mentioned this idea because at a glance you would assume that he is all about the numbers, but it shows how unique he is and how far this idea can take you.