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Hello guys,

In a bit of a predicament right now. Im finishing my History degree which has taken 3 stressful years to complete. Before going to University I had to make a decision of basically choosing a music performance degree at the Academy of contemporary music in Guildford or go for the more traditional academic way of life and study history. Obviouisly as im here writing this I chose the latter and from the start of the degree I had the mentality everyday even upto now of 'what if ' which is a real negative way of living I know but even now I wonder did I choose the right decision and also wonder am I wasting talent. At university I jammed with alot of guys some good and some well.....and formed a band which I have been part of for over 2 years with the music being very creative and satisfying. Right now in the band we are planning on moving to Berlin as the guitarist being half German we can settle there. After 2 years playing in Manchester we dont seem to fit in with our music outlook and sound even though I'm from near Liverpool.
I've been thinking about this whole ''what if ' mentality and I dont want to go through my life like that so questioning whether I should get some cash together and go for the Academy Of Contemporary music perfromance degree of 2 years to satisfy me and let myself know what will happen. On the otherside Berlin sounds exciting but kind of a situation of putting all my eggs in one basket.......The history degree sometimes interesting, is mostly boredom to me and I seem to be going through the motions but seen it as a sort of backdrop qualification.
Please any feedback would be greatly beneficial to me right now, way hay.....sorry for the length.




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There are numerous threads on music school around here.

Overall the conclusion's are all the same; Education is nice to give you skills and some networking opportunities, but once you're done, no one cares how you learned to play, people only care can you play, and an education doesn't = successful career.

If you're already in a band, and the band has a chance to be something, that's worth more than a piece of paper.

And as far as I can tell, the music scene in mainland Europe and Germany has a lot going for it. I know plenty of bands from Los Angeles that can barely fill a club here, but tour Germany and make money.


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You've just outlined a classic predicament that many musicians have pondered.
I have to mirror DrumEatDrums thoughts. The music degree while being very satisfying to your soul probably won't help the wallet all that much. I think you have just as good of a chance of making good money playing drums without a degree as with. If you can sightread your opportunities will certainly increase. In the end, being a musician in this day and age is a real crapshoot career-wise. It's something you have to carefully weigh out. If you have the dough, and the time, I'd go for the music degree, after you tour Berlin.


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...I wonder if that other Liverpool drummer that went to Germany all those years ago faced the same dilema.

Why not combine the two. Picture this, "Boudica The Musical" Maybe you could have Amy Winehouse to play the lead.

Seriously, once you finish your History degree you have the freedom to follow whatever path you choose. A musical break in Germany might be a great way to de stress after years of academia. Also, if your band is successfull and fullfilling enough to sustain your personal needs, it may delay your having to trade in your drums for the sports jacket with the leather patches on the elbows and Oxford Library Reserach pass.

Whatever you decide, best wishes to you, and congrats on your pending degree.