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1977 Premier model 2003 COA. Minimal "flaking" on shell. Beer barrel hoops in good shape/condition. Internal muffler is not original but NO new holes drilled to mount and it works very well. Wires in decent condition. Slotted rods. Sounds absolutely awesome. It's 6.5x14 and is the Big Brother to the 5x14 model 2000 which Keith Moon used. Would like $325 and I'll pay shipping.



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Bump -- last three days to get this pricing. If you're interested, PM me or contact me directly at jeffATcarolinadrumworksDOTcom.


Here's a rare opportunity, which I'm posting on two favorite forums for a limited time with special pricing for forum members. This great-looking solid steambent Bubinga 6.5x14 snare drum shell (with Bubinga re-rings) has a beautiful gloss finish and is ready for its build-out. It was intended as a demo at a trade show but missed the time window and now needs a home. It will be fitted out with our proprietary signature tube lugs (solid brass posts, polished stainless steel tubes), Trick multi strainer, Puresound wires, Evans G1/300 or equivalent, and either diecast or 2.3mm triple flange hoops. The hardware scheme could be brass/chrome, brass/black nickel, or chrome/chrome.

Regular street price of this completed drum is $900 USD with diecast hoops, or $850 with triple flange, but IT'S AVAILABLE TO FORUM MEMBERS AT 10% OFF until the end of this month. After that it goes into stock inventory at regular pricing.

Also available with shaped and inlaid wood hoops at an extra charge, if you prefer.

Another option, since snare beds have not yet been cut, is that it could be fitted out as a wonderful concert snare with Pearl SR500 Philharmonic strainer, triple cables, and gated diecast hoops for $1,100 minus the same 10% discount.

TERMS: Shipping is $40 to lower 48 states US. This drum is NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING TO ANY OTHER LOCATIONS. Purchase requires non-refundable down payment of 50% with the balance due when the drum is ready to ship (4 to 6 weeks). Payment by PayPal ONLY. North Carolina delivery requires 6.75% sales tax. To purchase, please contact me by PM on this forum -- first contact, first served.

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Wanted: Pair of 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals. Suitable for small jazz combo style. Light'ish sound--not heavy.
eg: Zildjian 'New Beats' / Light 'K'/ K-Constantinoples---or similar. What have you? PM me with if you have--condition / price. UK only.


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Selling a Trick Pro-1V / Bigfoot double bass pedal. The reason I am listing as both models is because I have two swappable footboards, as you can see in the pictures with the Reverb ad. So basically both the longboard and shortboard versions. The swappable boards cost about $250 by themselves.

This listing is inclusive of the Trick laser triggers that you can purchase for this model (they cost $599 new). The best triggering system on the market with no chance of false hits or double triggering due to the design.

There is some wear and tear on this as it has been used. I have put Trick pedal grip tape on two of the boards, but you can always remove it.

Do note that there are quite a few scratches, but as they say, beauty is only skin deep and there's no problem with the functioning of this double bass pedal. Also, for some reason, a few screws have got rust on them, but it's nothing baking soda won't fix.

Looking for $850.

Willing to ship internationally with insurance at actual cost.



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I have two cymbals for sale. Zildjian zbt 16" crash and a Zildjian zbt 20" ride. Only 4 months of use on them. I can provide pictures if you like.


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Hi all,

I have a few things I need to get rid of that are taking up space in my home...
1. Trick Driveshaft for double pedals. This is the one that fits Tama/Pearl/etc and not DW. I didn't use it very much at all so functionally it's not far from new. $100+shipping (shouldn't be much). Open to reasonable offers.
2. A Tama Iron Cobra double kick pedal case. If you want it, it's yours for free--just cover the shipping (probably around $20)
3. A Ludwig "UFO" snare case. Likewise, free if you want it, just pay shipping (maybe around $30)
4. A Tama Iron Cobra Pedal Glide double pedal right side that's pretty beat up but functional. $20+shipping.

Feel free to message me with any questions!


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I have three gorgeous snare drums for sale from Sonor and Noble & Cooley on ( free shipping for Forum members in Canada and Mainland USA). The snares in question I have up for sale are :

1) Sonor SQ1 snare in Cruiser Blue- thick Birch shell, Dual Glide strainer- SQ2 quality - superb snare for Rock Gigs .
2) Sonor Vintage Series 14 x 5.75" 6 MM Beech ply snare drum in sadly discontinued Onyx finish
3) Noble and Cooley Tulipwood Solid Shell 5 x 14 snare drum clear gloss lacquer tube lugs and strainers. Steel triple flange hoops. Deal pending on the Tulip


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