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Wanted: 14" Hi-Hats Suitable For Jazz--UK Only

I am looking for a pair of quality 14" Hi-Hats for small combo playing--trio / quartet / quintet style bands. Lightish sounds. Wii pay up to £100. What have you?

Also a quality Hi-Hat stand wanted. Will pay up to £100.

PM me with details if you have either. UK only.

Many thanks.
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For sale, Noble and Cooley Horizon kit

One year old, comes with coolmount for rack
Vintage Tangerine sparkle lacquer

13x8 rack,
16x15 floor
22x15 virgin kick.

Located in Omaha, NE.
$2800 or best offer, shipping can be discussed.

Be happy to answer any questions or inquiries, more pics available upon request, as my photo files seem to be too large to upload here 😕



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For Sale: Gretsch Renown Maple RN-1 in Satin Walnut Burst finish. Mint condition. This was a limited edition finish that Gretsch did. Silver sealer, die cast hoops, heads in excellent condition. Includes GTS tom mounts.


22" x 18" Bass Drum

8" x 7" Tom

10" x 8" Tom

12" x 9" Tom

14" x 14" Floor Tom (rare)

16" x 14" Floor Tom

(3) tom arms and clamps are included.

$1,100.00 plus actual shipping. US only. PM me with questions if interested and I can email photos.
Do you have any photos???


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$1250 (+actual shipping costs from the foothills of NC)

Pork Pie USA Custom maple 3-piece drum set

22” x 18” kick drum
12” x 7” rack tom with suspension mount
16” x 16” floor tom with legs

Sale includes the shells, the suspension mount for the rack tom, and the floor tom legs. This does not include snare, hardware, cymbals, throne, etc. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.

These drums have sequential serial numbers and were built in August 2015. Each drum has been dated and hand-signed by the owner of Pork Pie, Bill Detamore. I’ve played these out just a few times in the past couple of years, and they always traveled in cases. Condition of these is a solid 9 out of 10. I’m selling because I simply don’t use these anymore, so it’s time to pass them on to someone who will enjoy them. Note: The logo head with the initials does NOT come with the set, but I will include a ported logo as seen below. No trades. Paypal only. Message me if you have questions!



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Wanted To Buy:

I'm in the market for a 7 ply, 12 x 8 Ludwig Classic Maple rack tom in this red sparkle. I need one that was made in recent years. There seem to be quite a few available in a finish similar that are vintage, have the blue/olive badge, etc, but I'm wanting one of the more modern ones. I also don't want one that has the giant hole from a Modular Mount. I would like one with the little badge like this one has.


If you have a 7-ply, 12 x 8 Ludwig Classic Maple rack tom in a lacquer (no wrap) of that is of this same time period, let me know!

ludwig rack tom.jpg


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Here's a rare opportunity, which I'm posting on two favorite forums for a limited time with special pricing for forum members. This great-looking solid steambent Bubinga 6.5x14 snare drum shell (with Bubinga re-rings) has a beautiful gloss finish and is ready for its build-out. It was intended as a demo at a trade show but missed the time window and now needs a home. It will be fitted out with our proprietary signature tube lugs (solid brass posts, polished stainless steel tubes), Trick multi strainer, Puresound wires, Evans G1/300 or equivalent, and either diecast or 2.3mm triple flange hoops. The hardware scheme could be brass/chrome, brass/black nickel, or chrome/chrome.

Regular street price of this completed drum is $900 USD with diecast hoops, or $850 with triple flange, but IT'S AVAILABLE TO FORUM MEMBERS AT 10% OFF until the end of this month. After that it goes into stock inventory at regular pricing.

Also available with shaped and inlaid wood hoops at an extra charge, if you prefer.

Another option, since snare beds have not yet been cut, is that it could be fitted out as a wonderful concert snare with Pearl SR500 Philharmonic strainer, triple cables, and gated diecast hoops for $1,100 minus the same 10% discount.

TERMS: Shipping is $40 to lower 48 states US. This drum is NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING TO ANY OTHER LOCATIONS. Purchase requires non-refundable down payment of 50% with the balance due when the drum is ready to ship (4 to 6 weeks). Payment by PayPal ONLY. North Carolina delivery requires 6.75% sales tax. To purchase, please contact me by PM on this forum -- first contact, first served.



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How do concert and regular snare beds differ?
I agree, if this about the theory and design of snare beds, it should be in another thread. If it's about whether to buy a kit snare or a concert snare, it probably should be a PM. So I'll just provide a very quick answer and try to keep the thread on topic. In this shop, there are differences in the bed's depth, width, and ramp design. Once they're cut one way, it's hard to reshape them satisfactorily to the other.

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For Sale - cymbals, drums, and hardware (Mainland US, NJ)

I have a bunch of cymbals, drums and drum hardware I need to offload as soon as feasible. All items used in smoke-free environments and well-maintained and transported, so they are in Excellent condition showing only very minor signs of wear (e.g., some cymbals may have the slightest logo fade, hardware and drums may have typical "bag blemish"). Some items were hardly used at all. PM me for pics, pricing, shipping terms, etc. - I will be more than happy to oblige!
  • Zildjian 21" A Sweet Ride (the newer logo/manufacturing style) (Traditional Finish)
  • Zildjian 20" K Dark Thin Crash (Traditional Finish)
  • Zildjian 20" K Custom Special Dry Crash
  • Sabian 22" Artisan Medium Ride (Traditional Finish)
  • TAMA Classic Flat Base Tom Stand
  • TAMA Classic Flat Base Straight Cymbal Stand
  • TAMA Iron Cobra 200 Series Hi-Hat Stand
  • Custom DIY 14" Electronic Kick Drum for electronic drums (Black wrap/Chrome hardware, built similar to a Roland KD-140 or Alesis Strike Pro kick)
  • Pork Pie BOB (Black Nickel over Brass) 14 x 6.5" Snare Drum (w/ upgraded Puresound wires)
  • Roland Octapad SPD-30-BK (Black, also comes with a Gator carrying base and mount)
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I have a Guru 14x6 Ovangkol snare (2019), as well as a Benny Greb snare, for sale. Both are in mint condition (with slight wear on the batter head). PM me if interested.
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would it be OK to ask here about pricing a roland kit and amp im going to try to sell? if not which forum could i make a thread in about that - general?



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Wanted To Buy: Yamaha Live Custom 14" x 11" tom in Amber Shadow Sunburst. I'm looking to expand my set with that tom you have sitting around. You know the one. It looks like this:

Please let me know if I can take it off your hands for a fair price. Thanks in advance.


For Sale : New Yamaha BCAN Japan made
Cast hoops 20x16, 10x8, 12x10,14x14 floor ,16x16 floor all hardware included .
No shipping CA pickup $1850
Actual kit in video


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1977 Premier model 2003 COA. Minimal "flaking" on shell. Beer barrel hoops in good shape/condition. Internal muffler is not original but NO new holes drilled to mount and it works very well. Wires in decent condition. Slotted rods. Sounds absolutely awesome. It's 6.5x14 and is the Big Brother to the 5x14 model 2000 which Keith Moon used. Would like $325 and I'll pay shipping.