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1) If you are selling equipment, please give all relevant details. What are you selling, what condition is it in, how old is it, how much money are you asking for, what is the location of the equipment, will you allow pick up if bought locally, how much is shipping if it's not bought locally, where you are willing to ship. Post pictures or links to pictures if there are any available.

2) If you are interested in buying any equipment advertised please send the seller a PM or email and continue business privately from there on. Responding in this thread with a post like "I want to buy those cymbals, are they still for sale?" is likely to go unnoticed by the seller.

3) DrummerWorld will not be held liable for any aspect of any transaction resulting from any information in this thread. We provide this thread as an advertising interface.

4) This service is for private sellers only. No commercial ventures or spam allowed. Suspected spammers will be instantly and permanently banned from DrummerWorld. Please post your own photographs and respect copyrighted material.

5) This thread will remain Sticky, but all posts older than 90 days will be deleted in the interest of keeping things current. If your items are still for sale or if you are still looking for an item after your post has been deleted, please feel free to repost.
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Looking for a pair of 22" steel bass drum hoops in good (i.e. round/true) condition. Chrome or black finish. Let me know if any of you have a set laying around!


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WTB or trade my 22"X 18" for 20" kick in same finish Tama Starclassic Performer all Birch shell 2003-2005 area in sunset fade . The tom holder slides on these models, unique to those yrs.



Up for sale are very lightly used, but excellent condition Gibraltar side rack systems. The sale includes (2) side extension systems with some other add-ons which can be used in may ways to help achieve your drum set needs. Included in the sale are what you see in the photo. PayPayl only. All sales are 100% final. If interested in sale, I will calculate accurate shipping to give best price possible. There is one more multi-clamp not in the photo, but included in sale.

Included in the sale are:

(2) Gibraltar GCS-150C KITS:

2 x 40" curved horizontal bars
2 hinged GCHML memory locks
2 x 30" vertical bar with RMAA-mount attachments
2 chrome GCRA chrome right-angle clamps
2 chrome GCRMC chrome multi-clamps
2 quick-release GCSQCLTLA T-legs

Also included in the sale are:

(2) SC-GCRMC Road Series multi clamps (on the bar in the photo)
(4) SC-GCHML Road Series Hinged Memory Lock, Chrome w/Wing bolt (on the bar)


(1) accessory clamp on one of the curved bars
(1) black mic clamp on the same curved bar

$320 + shipping

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Updated with new pictures.

Yamaha Live Custom kit in Amber Shadow Sunburst. Used on one gig. Heads that came with the kit have not been played.

20,10,12,14 (Evans pillow inside kick, I can throw in a Protection Racket bag (used) for the bass drum.)

Includes tom mounts and floor tom legs.


Local pickup only. In Boston area, I may be able to meet someone if not too far away?

Sorry about the angles, picture viewer was driving me nuts :)


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FOR SALE: Sonor AQ2 Maple Martini Kit 3pc Shell Pack in beautiful White Pearl with Upgraded Rack Tom.

Price is $450 for DW members here, including shipping. Pay with PayPal. CONUS only. Must have verified PayPal address for shipping and must have USA PayPal account.

PM me here if interested. It's also listed on Reverb, but buy it here and help me avoid Reverb fees.

Sonor AQ2 Maple Martini Kit 3pc Shell Pack in beautiful White Pearl. I have never seen a better finish than this Sonor White Pearl. Amazing.

This kit is mint condition.

This kit has larger 12x8 rack tom NOT THE SMALLER 8x7 !!!!

I'll include the original heads.

Buy my kit and save $$$ over a new one. You'll have a mint condition kit and save a lot of money.

These drums sound great. I used this kit with small jazz/blues trio and quartet in 2018 and 2019. The guys in the band loved this kit. It was just the right volume.

If you follow threads on DW, you'll see how much I have bragged on this kit for the last year. So, why am I selling? Our group has expanded: we've added horns, more woodwinds, and a second guitar. We'll be more like a jazz stage band or big band ensemble. We need a 20" or 22" kick. Wife only lets me have one kit at a time so unfortunately, I must sell this wonderful kit.

Shell Material: Maple
14x13 Kick Drum
12x8 Rack Tom
13x 12 Floor Tom
Tom/Cymbal Holder

Other stands, cymbals, snare, throne, rugs, small children, dogs, cats mice, etc. you may or may not see in pics are not included.

CONUS USA sales and shipping only. Must have USA PayPal account. Will only ship to verified USA PayPal address.


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I’m looking for some Yamaha Maple Custom lugs. Gold, with the screw hole at the bottom. Gaskets too, if you have them. Doesn’t really matter what condition, as long as the pins and threads aren’t broken.

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Hey guys/gals,

I have a really nice Mapex Black Panther Black Widow 14x5 snare for sale. It's in like new condition. These punch WAY above their weight and price point. Excellent value here. Shell is 5.1mm Maple. Finish is Transparent Black Lacquer with brushed nickel hardware. Throw is adjustable on both ends. Hoops are sonic saver variety which are really easy on the wrists and hands. Here's some pics

$225 shipped for forum members or if picked up locally, $200. I'm in Forest Hills PA 8 miles east of Pittsburgh just off I-376.



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Sale ends on Jun 15th

Zildjian Sale - All in great condition, the 16" is brand new

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hi-Hats - 13.25"

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash 19"

Zildjian K Heavy Ride 20"

Zildjian K Dark China 17"

Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash 16" (NEW)

PM me if interested,we can strike a deal


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For Sale: 20" K Custom Dry Ride
£200 ono

Reluctant sale, but I can't justify owning 2 rides and just sourced a more generic 21" A Sweet Ride...

Great condition, obviously not shiny as they never are. Various marks, patina, lines...

Dry as the Sahara, cuts like a knife when playing live and great bell. Zero wash no matter what you throw at it.

Postage at cost, or collection from Epsom, UK.

Note: I'm about to go on holiday for a week, will be checking messages etc, but won't be able to post this until 24th at the earliest


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For Sale:

Noble & Cooley Horizon series kit

Made to order in 2018. Vintage tangerine sparkle lacquer, barely uses, mint condition. All original washers, tension rods still accounted for.

-13x8 tom w/ coolmount suspension
-16x14 floor tom with N&C suspended gasket floor tom feet
-22x15 Virgin Kick

-diecast bass drum claws
-patented Coolmount suspension system for rack tom (mount and bracket only, no stand)
-isolating floor tom legs
-factory triple flange hoops on Toms, matching bass drum hoops

Heads, barely used
-Evans UV1 batter and G1 reso on Toms
-Clear emad batter and namebrand reso

No hardware included, other than mounting hardware listed above.

Unable to load pics at this time, my smartphone won’t seem to Link up to the forum somehow, but will happily send pics upon request.

$2800 plus shipping, will ship insured. PayPal only.
Again, send me a pm, will send you all the pics I have, answer question, ect.
Also willing to meet within a reasonable distance, or trade for something else, namely an acacia George way kit, Ludwig legacy mahogany in the right sizes, or an RBH Westwood kit.
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