The Beatles + Bernard Purdie


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lol too funny ... especially Get Back Gadd :)

Love to hear you give the Purdie treatment to Got to Get You Into My Life!


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He spilled those beans back in the late 80's. Ringo would track during the day, then Purdie would come in a night and re do the songs. The next day Ringo would come in, and just take it, not letting on he knew he was getting ghosted.


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This is great.

I was listening to Chicago and BS&T covers of the Beatles earlier.

The Beatles are most coverable band ever, imo. Plus, theiur songs sound great in many different styles.

Doctor Dirt

Purdie sounded best with the Francis Scott Key group back in the day. He played on Keys big hit and wrote the drum charts out too. Just ask him, he'll tell you!!! Doc

Scorpio thats Bernard on piano over on the other roof, ask him, he'll tell you!!!!