Ted Reed

Joe Z.

Junior Member
I was googling Ted Reed and found a discussion a few years old on this Site about his Syncopation lessons. I was hoping to find information about Ted's life and career.
I should know more about Ted than I do because when I was 18 I took a years worth of lessons from him in Clearwater, Florida. I was too naive then to understand how fortunate I was to be spending an hour every Saturday morning going through Syncopation with the books author. I have fond memories of those times. He'd always send me downstairs in the Brown Brothers building where his studio was to the coffee shop to get his Sanka. We worked from all of his books and George Stones Stick Control and Accents and Rebounds and others.
The first time I heard Ted mentioned by another drummer was on a Steve Smith video where he talked about Ted's Syncopation. I remember I couldn't wait till my next lesson to tell Ted about it.
Ted retired and connected me with one of his star students to resume my lessons. I lost touch and never knew what happen to Ted.
Does anyone know more about his life and career?