Teaching the drums to a young 'un


Hey guys, yet another post from me... Many questions to ask, Still very wide eyed about the drumming community and how clever it can be :p

But anyway, I've been asked to teach a local kid how to play the drum kit. Now I've done a few lessons once, but it was just some basic beats and stuff. I didnt really have a proper lesson plan going down.
So I'm wondering whats the best way to teach?
Show some beats, some rudiments and all that? Possibly work on sheet music stuff?

As per usual, Help is always appreciated ;)


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Have the student show you how and what they can play and go from there. Ask them what they want to accomplish. My teachers never played more than I did when they were giving a lesson. Make it fun, ask them why they want to play drums to begin with.


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Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would send him to an experienced teacher. You admitted that you don't know how or what to teach - so don't lead him in the wrong direction. It's not fair for the student to be used as a guinea pig.

That being said, if you are serious about teaching in the future, do some research. Prepare - set a curriculum. Look back over your lesson information from your past lessons. Ask your current teacher for advice. Buy method books - look over them to find out what you think will work for you. Find the correct blend. You will need to approach reading and technique on snare drum, and styles/coordination on drum set. Most likely your younger students will be in school band, so you will need to find a good bell/mallet percussion book. Once you feel you are ready, seek out your first students.

Good luck,