Tama superstar Hyperdrive Limited edition or Sonor select force maple


Hello My friends

I would like to know your opinion about Tama superstar Hyperdrive and Sonor select force maple

Which one's the best?




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The best or the best for you? Some drums may be more less quality than another, but appeal to a different type of drummer. For instance, my set would be considered "less quality" than other sets in its price range by 90% of this forum, but it puts out a sound very unique and cool that I love. Go play the drums or at least listen to them online and then choose your set.


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I was deciding between the same kits, I chose the Sonor Select s drve because of the rims style mounts on the tama .I've had two kits with rims and the toms bounce a lot, at times you can hear them knocking on the mount,and you aren't able to change heads without taking the tom off the stand.The quality of the Sonors finish/bearing edges/lugs are top notch,I love mine

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Good choice. Though both are great kits, the Sonor kit uses Canadian Maple which is slightly higher quality than average maple. But, I still would have to toss a coin between those two kits. They're so similar. Really, you couldn't go wrong with either one. Glad to hear that you're satisfied with the Sonors.


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I've had two kits with rims and the toms bounce a lot, at times you can hear them knocking on the mount
Totally untrue for the Superstar if the mounts are installed correctly. The Superstar mounts are attached via 3 rubber items between the hoop and the mount at their 3 contact points and are very sturdy in my experience. Obviously "bounce a lot" is a subjective term, but I haven't had any problems with bounce on my toms. (Oh, and it's really not hard at all to change heads on the Superstars.

Anyways, I have a Superstar. It's very good. I, personally, would prefer the maple and 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops (IIRC) of the Select Force but the Superstar is a killer option in this price range for focused and solid sounds.

If you aren't looking for as much focus as the Superstar's die-cast hoops will give you, Tama has recently released some "Silverstar Hyper-Drive" kits with 2.3 triple flanged hoops and the same sizes as the Superstar 6-piece shell pack. Likely the same shells, more inexpensive, and some of them come with one of Tama's awesome G-Maple snares. (edit: oh, and they also have a 6-piece with regular tom depths, in case you don't like Hyperdrive that much like Audiotech down there :))
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The choice would be easy for me because I personally don't care for the Hyperdrive format. As for the other qualities, I feel that they are fairly equal. I really like both the Superstars and the Sonor drums, especially the 3007 series in this price range. Play them both if you can before deciding and find out which one really speaks to you. ;)