Tama Superstar Bass Drum help

Hey guys, I bought a new Tama Superstar set in October in brushed metallic black. I ordered another bass drum for it and was told it would take 1-2 months. Then after 2 months I was told it would take two more months. Now I'm being told maybe in July so I had enough and cancelled my order and will be getting a refund next week.

Now I have two single Iron Cobra pedals and the bass drum attachment for my hi-hats and no drum. I'm seeking some advice on what you guys would do.

One one hand I'm thinking of watching ebay for a cheap shell pack in my colours, a bass drum in my colour, a 22x18 bass drum that doesn't match my colour and possibly wrapping my entire kit a new colour so it all matches, or lastly buying a double pedal and possibly selling my single pedals and hi-hat attachment.

I also thought about selling my kit and buying another double bass set completely but like I said I love my kit. Really I'm very disappointed as I love my drums and can't believe Tama or their distributor is screwing around like this but I guess it's only one drum to them. It still makes me sad.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.