Tama starclassic Bubinga Manufacture defect

Mat P.

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Hello drummerworld forums !

I purchased a brand new bubinga drum kit about a month ago. Made in China.

Came time to change my bass drum skin. I Take off the lugs and what do I see ? My brand new hoop is split in half.

Turns out that the lug locker just where the hoop broke is half a centimeter smaller than the rest of them. They screwed the wrong piece on the drum !! By lug locker I mean the little metal piece in which the lug goes. My main language is not english....

So basically I'm just wondering what is gonna happen, and I hope you guys can help me figure that out. I know I have a warranty...but I don't wanna send my bassdrum....Really sucks that a damn 1000$ drum isn't built right.


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You're not alone. Send us some pictures for review. They will take it back and make things right. It's just a big pain to have to deal with waiting for the new replacement.


Did you buy your kit locally? If you did, just call them and explain your problem to them. If you had your kit shipped to you, then contact the people where you got it. If you didn't get it locally, I would suggest that you could check out the Tama drum forum. They have moderators and administrators there, Tom or Matthew, that work out of their Tama warehouse in Pennsylvania, USA. They will see your complaint and know how to steer you in the right direction in your area of the world.

Best of luck,


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Sorry for your frustration. Many of us have been there in some regard and it isn't fun having to deal with this. As Dennis said, go to the tama forum. It is moderated by Tama people and they will help you.

Contact whomever sold you the drums and inform them. They should also be able to help you. Keep us informed on how it all turns out. I'm confident it will go as smoothly as possible, but it is hard to make up for the initial disappointment you are feeling now.

Just know, it happens. Let Tama or the dealer make it right. Good luck!

Mat P.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I posted on the Tama forums too !

Yes it was bought locally ! I live in Montreal.

It's just the piece attached to the shell. 2 screws and I could change it if I can get my hand on a normal piece. But I also need another lug, cause it's twisted. I'd rather change it myself cause I don't wanna send it to Tama for months....what do you guys think ?

As for the hoop, I'm thinking they will replace it, and I can get another one at the store while I wait for the new one.


Is this something you can see through a clear head? I am looking into buying a used one private sale, SCP B/B and would like to know what to look for.

If I am correct you are saying the lug was forced through a hole that was too small in the shell and thus the shell cracked itself? Damn you would think someone would realize that, it does not sound like it would be easy to do?