Tama Iron Cobra


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i got a tama iron cobra power glide double pedal that i bought a couple of years ago. I'm having trouble with the idea of tensioning the spring. before i get into my question i have to say that im a beginner in drumming. i've had a drumset for the last 4 years, but i dont get much time to practice because i live in an apartment building and having drums may be annoying to neighbors. but which way does the spring gets tighter, or loose? and how does it relate to the way the pedal feels. ive been playing around with it today and cant seem to find a comfortable setting. i think its the slave pedal thats bothering me. or just my left leg. i cant make the pedals work with my feet movements. i dont care much about speed right now, more on getting the pedals to work before i can practice anything else. any tips would be good. i was thinking of gettin an entry level pedal. any recommendations?


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Welcome to the forum.I have 2 IC's,and I like them.First off,they usually come out of the box preset and ready to go pretty much,but the first adjustment I will make is spring tension,try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksnjd1IDq00 he goes into spring tension at about 1:55,if you adjust spring tension while the pedal is right side up turning the bottom nut counter clockwise tightens, clockwise loosens.If you don't play a lot and consider yourself a beginning or novice player your left foot and leg maybe a lot weaker than your right side,so loosening the tension on the slave may help.


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Go to the Gear Section, then Pedals and you will find 9000 threads on pedals. General Discussion is not the place to find answers on pedals.


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I'm thinking about returnng the dw 8002 I just bought and getting a IC rolling glide double and the stomp drives for it.