Tama birch (silverstar) snare - tune-bot settings


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Can anyone give me some tunebot settings for a 5"x14" birch snare that work for you? Help to save some time experimenting.

If not Silverstar, than Tama or other birch snare.



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I don't have a tunebot, Davo, but when I lay the snare on the carpet and tap the rim and head at the same time with my finger, the batter is tuned to Ab and the reso head is tuned to Ab one octave higher. BTW, I didn't pick those notes, I just tuned the drum til it sounded good. Those just happen to be the notes I ended up at. I tuned the batter up to Bb and it sounds good there, too, leaving the reso the same.

Hope this helps!


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for a rough setting take off the heads, suspend the drum on one finger (or stand, etc) & hit it w/ a tympani mallet. get THAT tone from the tune-bot. that is your resonant frequency of the shell. tune to that note or an octave up. note that when you mute the heads to tune each lug, they will not be at that note...the open / unmuted tone will match or be close to the resonant frequency. FYI, dont get frustrated when this tech takes a month of constant tweeking, head settling in. but when you get it, non-drummers will come up & say "what is that SNARE?"

sorry i dont have any snare settings in the cloud right now. i track tune-bot frequencies on my yamaha, sonor & custom kit (fortune drums) w/ 3 diff spreadsheets. here is what one spreadsheet look like (just toms & bass drum; i think an old sheet):