system of exercises


Which system of exercises, most effective?
For example, my cycle of exercises, consist from:
1) physical exercises (rudiments with foot integration), about 1 hour;
2) listening and playing along the music, about 3 hours:
3) riding book’s;
4) coordination exercises, about 2 hours;
5) listening and playing along the music again.

Please say what’s wrong in my system and what I must add.
Thank you.


Having a system for exercises is a great idea, but just make sure that whatever you decide to practice is in line with some specific and manageable goals you have for the drums. For example, if you want to play big band jazz, you don't want to spend time playing double bass blast beats. That sort of thing.

I think the biggest mistake people make is not being clear about where they want to get better, they just say "I want to be better at drums". I do like that you are working with rudiments, and also playing along to music a lot. Those are both very important.

As long as you are working toward clear goals, I think you'll be really successful no matter what "system" you decide to use. Good luck and Have Fun!

p.s. Be careful not to burn out on 5-6 hours of practice ;o)