Swiping Hands Technique Example - Good Practice


Hii all!
i wanted to give you some idea of not very known technique but im sure some know, so sorry if you know it already im doing it for who doesnt (maybe you want to check my way to do that).

SO: the idea is very simple and almost every level can do. although the positives of practicing that is for all levels too.
whats happening is that you play two strokes (1,2)HiHat with right hand, and then switching and playing two strokes with your left hand(3,4) while right hand on the floor tom (4,4E+,1). and this is it! it can be very veriant and its getting your weak hand stronger and your brain much flexible which in my opanion is very important!!
Here an example:

Questions will Answered! as good as i can..
please tell me if you practice that on you already know it, maybe some of your own Varients?