Supraphonic plating loss


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I'm more of a boutique drum guy rather than the dime a dozen, everybody has one type. BUT, I have the opportunity to buy a late 60s Supraphonic. Thought I'd give it a try even though I have other aluminum snares. Here's my question. It has a terrible case of plating acne. Is there anyway to strip the chrome and get the shell powder coated? Also it looks like the lugs are not as bad as the shell. Is that because the plating likes the steel better than aluminum?


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Yes and yes. I have had a Supra powder coated. I removed all the hardware and had the powder coating place sandblast it before coating.

And yes, the difference in acne is because of the different metals the chrome is adhered to.

Word of warning - I got the bright idea to have a hammered type coating put on, and it was thick and heavy. Plus, I think the rough surface on the bearing edges had more effect than I expected. In any case, it changed the sound a lot. A normal, single color coat shouldn't have that effect.

Jeremy Bender

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Just curious if you've considered having the remaining chrome stripped and then have the aluminum shell buffed and polished?


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The crux of the issue is that chrome doesn't bind to aluminium, so they have to lay down an intermediate alloy first (usually copper), and then chrome over top of the intermediate. If the intermediate oxidizes, you get flakes.