Suggestion re classifieds "sticky" in this section


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Hi all

I just wanted to put a suggestion out there, and if theres enough uptake / interest maybee the mods can make some changes.

1/ People remove their classified / wanted item once sold / found....the thread is unweildy and its hard to find "current" stuff unless you trawl through the adverts and follow an often dead link.

2/ Perhaps seperate wanted from for sale

3/ Maybee split the thread into countries / regions...for example USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Aus/ New Zealand. Why ? There are often nice items but once you read down they only get posted to say "lower 48" in the USA. As an Aussie it would be simpler to find whats available at a decent shipping price to use folks miles away from anywhere.
For instance I look at shipping on Ebay and if its from the UK or USA shipping is the same cost as the unless its a rare cymbal, not worth it....

What do you other punters think ?


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1) The mods do trim the ads once they are over a certainly length of time old. I just look at the most recent posts to see what's new.

2) perhaps but I'm not sure it's worth it.

3) I so agree. It's been brought up before and I thought it was going to happen. Many times I've seen something that peaked my interest, only to realize it's for sale in Europe, not the USA.