Study trip to Sao Paolo, please help me....

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Casper "DrPowerStroke" Paludan

Hi All,
I hope everyone is doing well. I have been away for while but you have all been on my mind. I want to ask everyone who has been to or live in Sao Paolo for some advice.

I am going to Sao Paolo to study with Vera Figueredo in a little bit and I am of course super excited. Her school is in the Pompeia district of the city, on Rua Ministro Ferreira Alves, 646.

My general plan is to take lessons and practice all day, and jam my butt of each night until I collapse. I plan to spend 3-6 months there depending on how far my money will last.

My first question is: what kind of living quarters should I look for near this address? I am happy to have a room mate.

Any other ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks to you all for helping me make this the perfect drum trip!



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Hi Casper,

Sorry I haven't any answers for you--just wanted to wish you well on your sabbatical. It's always inspiring to see people pursuing dreams so thanks for sharing. Please catch us up on your experiences with this.