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I want to build some sort of rack/shelving for storing my kits that will minimize the space they take up. I have been debating if I should build something similar to a stacked tire rack, or just standard flat shelves. ANy other design ideas? The kits are 6pc with 24" kick, 7pc with 22" kick and a 4pc with an 18" kick. I'm also wanting to build a cymbal rack as well store and protect them without trying to balance an overloaded cymbal bag somewhere.

Ideas welcome...


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Most storage systems you buy will have either 12 or 16 inch deep shelves. Keep that in mind when storing a 24 inch bass drum
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I could be wrong here, but, I don't believe it's like storing video tape or film.. One way or the other isn't better for the drum's sake. Look at the room you have and see which way they fit while taking up the least amount of space.
That's my take