Stolen Gear

Dj magic d

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I've felt your pain before with a similar situation. While loading my equipment into an unnamed bar in Baltimore for a gig, my backpack came up missing. Right from the top of my cart while I had my back turned. Contained in that backpack was my entire IE monitor setup-Shure 425is, my custom molded ear pieces, my remote monitor bodypack, stick bag and several other difficult to replace items. What's most infuriating is knowing that the sh*tbird who stole it...would have no use for it. It was well over $1k worth of gear. My band mates claim to have seen nothing, as we were loading into an already busy and crowded stage area.
I had to play the entire gig with one pair of borrowed drumsticks.....I was so angry you have no idea. I have my theories on exactly what happened...but of course I was unable to prove anything. I believe someone on the bar's kitchen or wait staff, who were in very close proximity, were involved. Most likely, they grabbed my backpack and threw it into a large trashcan that was close to the stage. From there, they took it to the dumpster area and looked through it. And yes, I spent two hour searching everywhere after the gig. No other logical explanation since the bar backs up to water. Management was absolutely useless and not helpful. "No cameras" I was told. Additionally, there was an off duty BPD officer working the bar as security, who saw nothing. I confronted the management on which employees were working that shift and if they had any type of known criminal background...I was met with an "I don't know" attitude.
The only other incident that comes to mind, was about 8 years ago, my old band had a power amp disappear during load out. It was sitting on the edge of the load dock while our guitar player moved his vehicle.
So, trust no one to "keep an eye on" your gear, or expect that thieves are everywhere waiting to catch you off guard.

dale w miller

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I had a similar situation back in the 90’s where I thought I knew who stole some money and years later I found out I was right.

I had a post-college graduation party at my long term girlfriend’s house. I was very close to the family in which she was 1 of 7 kids. I had a large group of good friends there so it was embarrassing what happened.

As the night was winding down, one of the older brothers came down the stairs, flipping out that someone from the party stole over $300 cash that he had in his drawer. He kicked everyone out except me. Come to find out the very next day, another brother stated he was missing $1200.

It was nuts. Because he was not as close to the crew as he was with just me, everyone thought it was this one particular friend of mine. I knew otherwise as he was not the type. I thought it was these two close friends who we all knew were known to experiment with heroin at the time. Even though they disappeared a bit from the party, because they came back to cover their tracks, everyone didn’t think it was them.

Years later, well after one of them had been sober for around 10 years, I was at a wedding with one of them there. After we caught up, I had to ask if he and the other guy took the money. He admitted it while apologizing.

I said, “I fucking knew it!”


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I've played gazzillions of gigs - only once was I robbed.

After setting up and soundcheck we went for a quick bite down the street. Came back to find 2 of my 3 cymbal stands - high hat stand and Roc & Soc gone.

No drums were took and my cymbals were in my bag around my shoulder (never, ever, ever leave those unattended).

Played the entire night using a chair from one of the tables, no high hat and no crash cymbals. 1 ride carried me through.

The owner reimbursed me a week later out of generosity. He didn't have to.