Stick Tricks And Showmanship!


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The way I look at it is this, as other mentioned tricks are cool as long as you're playing doesn't. suffer and being in a gigging band you have too put on a show people don't. go & see a jukebox on stage LOL

but not only showmanship people want too see you have a good time on stage, attitudes portray a lot on stage & you're playing will suffer if you're pissed off.

attitudes should be dealt with at practice or on break not the stage.....very unprofessional.

remember we are entertainers not librarians LOL


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Guys, guys, guys...different strokes for different folks. Snare drum - Cymbal crash! Thank You!


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Everytime I see a drummer twirl sticks, I think it's pretty darn cool.
It makes me want to be able to do it.
It never bothered me, I'm envious of it.
It does look cool. Who doesn't enjoy watching that?
To the general population, the "show" factor is probably the most fun FOR THEM.
They don't look at you and say "Oh man he just played a double paradiddle"...they want you to GIVE them something that they don't have to work too hard to understand.
As long as you don't audibly SUCK, the funner band will be preferred over the serious band by the majority of people, so the "show" aspect is pretty important.
Kind of like......
No! I must stop analogizing!


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Point well taken, ...but I'll stick with my original point's secondary to "look cool" .......
I'm not disagreeing with you on that; the music can never suffer because a musician is trying to look cool or be visually entertaining. However, as long as that's the case, I'm all for going for the big movements, theatrics, stick twirls, running around on stage (not for the drummer, obviously), high-fiving the audience, leaning on the monitors, etc (note: this all comes from a rock point of view; this would probably not sit quite as well with a jazz club audience ;-)

You are? If I'm on stage, I'm playing music to the best of my ability,...first, and foremost.....

Are you entertaining? YES, ....with your music. "Showmanship is secondary. And this is my opinion. Yours may differ, and that's ok ;)
Nope, we're in agreement on that again; the music comes first, and I will always play that to the best of my ability. However, whatever ability and energy I have left over will go towards entertaining the audience in whatever way I feel suits the energy and style of the music :)

Anyway, I think we're basically in agreement on the "music comes first" part, which really is the most important point overall :)


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sometimes during a quick break in a song i'll throw a stick to my bass player,and he throws it back to me,just in time to go back into the song


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I know this thread is old, but... I learned stick tricks because I was videoed and realized I looked bored. It immediately made me pay attention to the entertainment portion of gigging. I know the song, but even if you are playing a song everyone knows every word too, Back in Black.... For example, Its slow, extremely easy and stick tricks are easily incorporated, I swear to God it changes the whole rooms atmosphere as soon as I throw a few down. I think they are great and I know from experience that people who do not drum, think your an awesome drummer if you can do it. Even playing Back and Black lol.


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Always thought Keith Moon was the ultimate....then discovered Steve Moore...he is an absolute show horse. If you haven't seen him...YouTube him and laugh your pants off. He's WAY more than the dime a dozen stick twirlers.