Steve Smith-On the Shoulders of Giants


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Steve's band Jazz Legacy ripping through Standards, Steve in conversation with John Riley, discussing the tunes, the licks, the approach to the tune ( lots of cross references back to the tracks ), demonstrating what he played in the tune, slowed down he made a quintet sound like a big band, why he played what he played...

Two great drummers discussing great music,in great conversational detail... sticking , phrasing, Tony licks, Dawson methods...ticker tape transcriptions running at the bottom of the screen, through the playing.. AND great music to boot! AND all this is just the 1st CD, with 2 more to go.. Its like being a fly on the wall inside the heads of 2 great drummers..

What a great Christmas gift it was for me!

After Jojos Secret Weapons..DVD, i think this is the most significant offering on the Drum DVD rack, and a 'must have' out there for any serious drummer, and not just a jazz drummer..

Any body else check it out yet? Whatchathunk?

king fail

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I have heard nothing but great things about this DVD, and I'm a huge fan of Steve, so I really need to grab myself a copy!
However, I believe it will swiftly knocked into third place by Benny Greb's The Language of Drumming when it storms onto our shelves next month...