Steve Jordan's groove is RIDICULOUS

My God, I'm listening to some of his work with David Sanborn right now and it's just so freaking good. Plus his snare sounds like a dream.


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i looove steve jordan, but what albums has he played on?
all i have of his is the jm3 stuff. its good but i want more.
Check him out on Sanborn's "upfront". Some of his grooves are just delicious. I think scientists unsuccessfully attempted to find the bottom of his pocket in "Benny", but walked away with inconclusive results.


He's pretty awesome, I've listened most of his stuff in John Mayer Trio and it's insane, he is a groove genious!


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It's obscure but if you ever get the chance to listen to Michal Urbaniak's Body English album, do do. Steve's playing is very tasty in it. I especially recommend the song, Sevenish, not just for Steve's inventive and hot playing, but it's just a great fusion song with fantastic solos (especially Joe Caro's guitar near the end).

At times Steve's playing reminded me of Tom Walsh in Spyro Gyra's debut album. Very clean and crisp.


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hokay, just listened to "upfront" and steve is ridiculous. not a fan of the sax and synth on the album. its a little too weather channel for me.

my favorite track is the last one, "ramblin'"
simply put, it is the deepest groove ive heard. love it. love it.


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i definitely agree that steve jordan is sick. he has a been an influence on me for a few years now. i had the pleasure of seeing him play for eric clapton three years ago. he and willie weeks absolutely clicked. there was this instrumental intro that had this insanely funky loop playing. about a minute in to the song, i realized that it was steve. i will say this, he really does change snares for every song. it was hilarious watching his drum tech(who was a pretty hefty guy) scramble to put the next snare on the kit and have the mike there. haha