Steppin' Out - Shuffle Pattern?


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Band is learning Steppin' Out by Mayalls Bluesbrakers.

I hear the drumming pattern as a sort of 'flat tire' shuffle' that swings on the bass drum (for lack of a better word) ....but the pattern is not steady or continuous ....sorta speak.
I know I'm not describing this well but what would you call this pattern... or how do you hear it?

Les Ismore

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Flint was a jazz drummer by default, the groove was song specific.

Clapton comes his closest ever to sounding like a blues guitarist on this album IMO.

I played this song a million times a long time ago, didn't play it like Flint does on the record, that groove never worked for the dancers.


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Agree, that pattern might work for a sit down crowd as it follows the bass line. But it's far too broken up for a place where people dance. The actually break parts are distracting enough. I'd play some regular double shuffle though that and hope they kept dancing enough to want another round of beers.


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Yep I could see how its not dance-ble, but am gathering there is no name for that broken pattern.
On the other hand, the beat in 'Must Have done Somebody Wrong' (T Bone Walker, Allman Bros.) seems similar


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I don't think there's a specific name for the pattern, but I'd give it a go with sort of a New Orleans shuffle. Traditionally played with just snare and kick with hi hat on 2 and 4. You could use some hi hat splashes to beef it up a bit. As far as the dancing thing goes - if it swings, they will dance. I