Standout features of a genre


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Clicky plastic sounding bass drums in modern metal and rock, not a fan of that sound but it's very much a part of that sound. It makes sense I suppose when you're playing at blistering speeds, but I think it sounds too electronic.


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With my new job I get to travel a lot for work. I've got XM radio in the company car and I listen to a lot of music from multiple genres. The more I got to listening the more I came to this realization. I LOVE the sound of the Snare drum in Country music. Now, this is not to say that the Snare doesn't sound good in other genres, but it really stands out to me in a big way no matter who the country artist is. It's always front and center with the tone and body that I struggle for in my own tuning. I would say it's similar to the ride cymbal in jazz. It's the thing that we as drummers typically notice first and spend the majority of our time arguing about.

So, that begs the question: What stands out to you in what genres?