Stan Lynch


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Any Stan fans here?
I loved Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers in the early days. He influenced me to play traditional grip for rock as well as look at naked chicks while in the studio.

He was a character.

I've heard he's producing or something now.


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I love Stan Lynch.

I've always loved how he could take a simple beat and make it sound like a million dollars.

And yes, he's a successful songwriter and producer for other artists now.


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+1 for Stan. His sound is fat and his pocket is deep.

The documentary was pretty clear as to why he left the band, and they aren’t the same.
Stan's playing was such an integral part of the Heartbreakers sound. He had such a killer groove and his fills were so tasty yet catchy. That fill that "Don't Do Me Like That" back in after the bridge? Perfection.


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+1 Stan Lynch.
Another drummer who makes it sound easier than it really is.
Some very clever parts and hooks in his drumming, and he was a great harmony singer to Tom.


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Stan is great. Simple yet commanding. Always loved the Heartbreakers.

OMG Refugee just came on as I was reading this. That's weird.


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TP and the Heartbreakers ended, for me, when Stan was no longer part of the band. I also get weary as it seems that the guitar players only seem to know one or two HeartBreakers songs; maybe it's the same where you live.

"Woman In Love" has a well played and well thought out drum part.