Stagg Jia Series queries.


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Well I'm new to these forums and I'm afraid I'm being that guy that seeks advice.

I have had a Stagg Jia Series (White / Pearl styling) for a few years now that was being used by myself while I was having drumming lessons. However it has since been packed away and has been collecting dust for a good couple of years now.

On to the main topic which is of course that this drum kit needs to find a new owner. I have heard that the Jia Series was a limited run / very few were made, please correct me if I'm wrong. Since I'm now looking to sell this kit what do you experienced fellows think would be a good price?

I'm happy to take and post some pictures up, but really I want to get the basics established first; is this drum kit worth more than £50? Is it considered rare and so worth much more? What's the history behind this drum kit? And what should be my target buyer? I bought it as a beginner so I am assuming it is indeed a starter kit of some sorts.

Any help would be much appreciated, and I apologise for my lack of drumming terminology used as I really don't know anything about drums.