Spotting Ebay Scams


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It is........well, at least it is here in Oz. I can only assume it is elsewhere.

Safest way to pay outside of physically handing someone a bank note IMHO.
According to the paypal, you're not protected if you simply send money (i.e., not responding to an invoice).
Well today I got a message that my ride has been sent. That's a relief. Pocket-full-of-gold, are you in Kansas? I live about 25 miles south of ICT


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Interesting investigation going on there. Tell me more. Reverse image search? Unique phrasing? I'm an old dog, but you can teach me new things.
With google, you can search for an image, based on the image's URL.

Unique phrasing would relate to peculiar phrases used in an ad.

So if I saw an ad with "Zilgen Newt Bait height hats" f'rinstance, I'd copy that text as the basis for a search, because you wouldn't expect to see that phrase showing up too often. And a potential scammer would not necessarily know when he is looking at odd phrasing.