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Hello everyone!

Recently I posted about a gig dilemma. We were scheduled to play with Psychostick at a gig in La Crosse, WI called the Warehouse. At first tensions between the band and the Warehouse were rough, but now that issue was resolved. I started talking to the venue owner more. It turns out he was being barraged daily by messages and emails from our front man saying how much he doesn't like the venue, doesn't like the bands that play there, doesn't want to play, but at the same time constantly harassing the venue owner about changing our logo, demanding detailed information on the gig, etc. Our front man even went as far as to say he felt insulted by being booked with Pyschostick, since "they aren't our style, they are metal and they don't take their music seriously." Even though they make a living off of their music, and record albums and go on national tours, he just doesn't like them and therefore, doesn't want to play there.

Tensions between the band and the front man (sings, lead guitar, writer of all of the songs and music) have been escalating over the past two months, and has only gotten worse. He has badmouthed the radio station that I work at, the Warehouse, the La Crosse Center (the other venue), as well as every bar in the area. He says he doesn't want to play bars, and he doesn't want to play for free. He's all about the money.

So, we all quit and left him. He's in Split Velvet by himself now. We canceled our 3 upcoming shows and said we're done with it, we couldn't put up with him anymore. He's mouthed off multiple times, and has earned us a really bad reputation of being "arrogant pricks" even before our first show. Everyone else has been nothing but nice. I even bought him an amp and said he could pay me back later, since he didn't have any money and needed an amp. He hasn't paid me for it, so I kept the amp. He doesn't have a car, so I've been driving him back and forth to practice. I was the only one with recording gear, it wasn't good enough for him. I was the only one with live sound equipment, it wasn't good enough for him. The other members and I were finding gigs left and right, and they weren't good enough for him. He is the most selfish, egotistical, ungrateful person I have ever met. My brother recently joined as a bassist, and he was practicing daily. The front man wouldn't write any bass parts because they would be "too" hard, and wanted my brother to play simple, single notes the whole, entire time, because he wasn't "good enough" to play more complex riffs.

He angered everyone on multiple occasions, and we are fed up with it. He has such a bad reputation, and even went as far as to publicly badmouth me, after everything I've done for him.

This is an outright ridiculous situation that no one should have to go through. People keep telling us to get back together, but we've tried to work it out, and we've had multiple, established musicians try and talk some sense into him, and we've tried to talk some sense into him. He kept saying he would change, and right away, he would start mouthing off again. We had dozens of people badmouthing the band because of his actions, and some of their comments were pretty hurtful. I'm okay with handling people who hate on the band because they don't like our music, but getting that kind of reputation due to the action of one is something else. We were thinking about finishing up our shows, but we can't put up with him, and we aren't going to put on a show where we have to force ourselves to enjoy it. The other members and I have received dozens of messages saying they don't even want to see us play if it is with Split Velvet. His reputation is that bad.

I really hope this doesn't happen to any of you. It's a really stressful situation.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Has anyone been in a situation like that?


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A lead singer & writer being "selfish, egotistical, ungrateful"? Nope, never heard of that before!

Seriously, it happens all the time, and can apply to any member of a group, or their immediate entourage (producer, wives, crew, etc.) Egos, disagreements, artistic goals & direction... it's not uncommon for band members to have conflicts among each other, or directed towards another. Splitting can be a disappointment, or may be very liberating. Once everyone is past the drama, I guess time will tell if it was a good decision, although I suspect it was.

Find another singer, or another band... life goes on. So does the music. I've been in a zillion bands, and I'm still here, in fact doing better than ever with no regrets about who I do or don't play with.


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Well that situation really does suck but I think you and the rest of the band will be better off in the long run. Like Bermuda said it happens all the time. Good luck in the future.


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Sorry to hear.

But yes, they call this LSD: Lead Singer Disease.

I've played with several who think after a few good gigs that suddenly they are rock stars and the law doesn't apply to them anymore.
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I had a similar situation happen to me once, other than the chap concerned wasn't the main contributor to the band, although he was an important part of the band's sound at the time.

The annoyance and hurt of the situation was soon replaced with relief and joy as the remaining band members realised that he wass what had been stopping us from enjoying ourselves and having a good time.

Idiots like this are ten-a-penny. They do always get payback vis karma though, the only sadness in that is we might not be there to see it.

Chin up, move on, NEXT!


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Sorry to hear.

But yes, they call this LDS: Lead Singer Disease.

I've played with several who think after a few good gigs that suddenly they are rock stars and the law doesn't apply to them anymore.
LOL.... I take it acronyms are not your forte....... As Bermuda said unfortunately big egos come with the territory. Life goes on your next project will be a better one..... Terry