Soundproofing confusion?

Steven P

Sorry if this has been posted 100 times already.
I’m really confused with all this soundproofing stuff. I thought it was stuff you attach to the wall or ceiling that GREATLY reduces sound from the outside and it costs ££££s, I was on this website And it doesn’t seem that expensive. I mean how much does it reduce by and would that actually work if I miced my drum kit? Would my neighbours be able to hear A LOT of sound? Thanks.


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There is big difference between sound proofing and sound absorption, but they are easily confused.

Sound proofing prevents any sound from exiting a room. Sound absorption prevents sound from reflecting within a room.

The foam you linked to is for sound absorption. If you are building a home theater or a studio room, then that's the stuff. But it won't do much from sound proofing.
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They'll hear everything......even without mics.

Foam is great for sound treatment.....eliminating many unwanted overtones etc that come from soundwaves bouncing around from one wall to another. But it's not nearly enough to "sound proof" a room.

To eliminate noise and vibrations entails a hell of a lot more than just sticking some foam on the walls. Lots of threads here on effective ways to sound proof. Check 'em out.....but it's not a cheap process.


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These guys are right, there is a big difference between sound absorption and sound proofing, a big, and expensive difference!

As the others have said, the foam will absorb some sound, mainly the higher frequencies, so it is possible that by absorbing some sound, there is less sound to leak out, but it will still leak out.

If you want true soundproofing, you have to add mass, i.e heavy, weight materials, be it special vinyl, or extra think walls, and then isolate/de-couple your playing area.

Take a look at his link below, I found it very useful when I was trying to get my head around the sound absorbing/proofing question


The idea of sound proofing is usually done in the initial stages of the construction of the room. When you're talking about the variety of foam that is available from many different companies, this is installed on your already soundproofed room to be able to control reflections or nodes within the room. This type of foam will make the room sound better to you, if used properly, but will have little if any impact on what the rest of your household or what neighbors hear.

A bit of advice, don't make your music room into a cube, or square with parallel walls for that mater.



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GVD- that is good stuff but it won't be sound proof. Just much quieter.

I am a builder and have been involved in a few of these and you need to go further if you want a true sound proof set up. They are great and a good cost effective route (one of the best I would say) but if you need to be able to play at ,midnight you have more to do.

Ted White

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If he were to decouple the walls, ceiling and floor (unless he's on a slab), that would be a huge start. That might sound imposing, but it's not all that bad.