Sound studio construction


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Hey guys, I'm moving into a new house and have sectioned off a room for a studio. I get to build it from the ground up, and I want to get it right. I have 2x6 studs installed to give plenty of room for lots of insulation. I'm thinking of just getting some sound insulation from home depot, but I'm not sure how to deaden the bass. Can you guys help me build my studio? What materials do I need? I want to isolate the room as much as possible (room in a room isn't possible) as well as control the acoustics inside the room. Pics of progress will ensue.


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Lots of threads on this. Basically you need to have the inside walls, floor and ceiling decoupled from the rest of the structure. Lots of ways to do this. Resilient channel, iso clips and hat channel, separate inside studs (sheet metal studs work better in this application than wood) and so on.

With a bass drum, there's really no way to avoid the isolated walls. I know folks who double sheetrocked their walls with green glue and so on. They can play guitar sort of loud in there, but bring in a drumset and it doesn't work. The kick goes though everything.

Very solid and heavy walls like a concrete basement, or I've known folks who filled their stud space with sand, work pretty well. But that is very heavy and unless you have a pre-existing basement or masonry outbuilding, you aren't going to easily convert.

There's a whole section on devoted to studio construction. Spend some time there and see the ones that worked and the ones that didn't.


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I'm going to throw Brundlefly's name out there, he's done a couple of series on his incredible drum room that he's built and has very nice soundproofing levels. Try searching for his name and you'll probably find the links to his blog, where he goes over the construction process in great detail.