Sonor S Class Floor tom Wanted- Please Help!!!!


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Hello, I play a Sonor S class in Aqua green finish (an acquired taste, ha) and my largest tom is a 14" by 12" rack tom. I absolutely love the kit but the the 14" rack tom just isnt cutting it. I really don't want to buy another kit but if I cant find a bigger tom then I might have to. Im looking for a Floor tom thats at least 14" x 14" in the Aqua green finish. Can you help? Do you know someone that just by chance has one sitting around? I will pay good money...

I live in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Can you possible put me in the right direction to help solve this problem?

Thanks for your time...

Stan Bicknell


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One of the members here on the forum is from Oz and I think is or knows a Sonor rep. The name is DamoSyzygy and he is in Perth. Send him a PM