hey guys~!

just wanted to share with you some vids of these AMAZING vintage signatures!

i had them shipped over from germany to Australia (scary/nerwracking time for sure!! arrived in one piece though )

12 ply beech. just amazing clean tone with fantastic clear lows, im using them on rims mounts to pull a bit more sustain/tuning range out of them

anyway heres a few vids :)

cheers :)

keep it simple

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Very nice drums, & an excellent choice for your playing style. They're short voiced, & in those depths, tubby with lower overtones. That means they get out of the way quickly, yet when tuned correctly, they have some punch.

I know these animals well. I played Phonics back in the 80's. A bit of a one trick pony, but what a trick if they suit your needs. Indeed, 80's Phonics are the inspiration for our present Tour series drums.

BTW, love your playing in the first video too :)


Thank you ;)

Yes tuned low these things are in thier element, but have messed around with ambassadors tuned high and with the RIMS mounts they can really sing!