Sonor Force 2007 vs Yamaha Stage Custom


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Planning on getting a new fusion kit as a gigging kit. I've narrowed it down to the Yamaha Stage Custom Fusion and Sonor Force 2007 Studio 1. Both are birch shells, come with the same hardware pack and are pretty much the same shell sizes. The Sonor is £80 more but was wondering if it is worth that much more??? I play a bit of everything so looking for versatility as well??


The Sonor 2007 line is discontinued and replaced by the 'Essential Force' line, but there are still lots of leftovers. The two kits you've got there are very compareable, and both are very good. I think most people would go for the Yamaha, but I would go for the Sonor (for no really good reason..)


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I have the force 2007 studio 1 kit. Among others. I paid 400 US for it minus the snare. I was very worth it. The only thing I dont like are the stamped bass claws.
Sounds great. Looks fine. Great gigging kit. Light weight and small foot print. Great Birch sound. Stock heads are fine. But I did put an Emad on. And Evans G2 on tom batters. Big mistake. Stay single ply.
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I mainly use a Sonor 3007. Got it for dirt cheap (new) at $650, and then I sold the snare for $100. Sonor toms have a very special, wet kind of sound that sounds VERY nice to my ears, and anyone who has played the kit usually mentions how good they sound. Their bass drums also sound very nice. Mines an 18' and I still get a ton of low end from it. You can't even tell the size just by hearing it.
Either way you go with cheap kits, you'll need a new snare. So just take that out of the equation from the start and compare what you have left

EDIT: Just realized you are looking at the birch 2007 model, and not the one I have. Unless you really like the sound of birch, I'd step it up to the 3007 and get maple shells for $100 more
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Cheers for the replies guys. Its a tough one i cant decide still! I like the finish on the Sonor a little better so that may be what makes it! Anybody had a go on both? i've played the stage custom fusion set before and that sounded really good, and have played a force 2003 but not the 2007! Prefer the only just prefer the stage custom to the 2003 but have never been on the 2007! Tough one!


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They're both excellent kits. It would be a very difficult decision for me too. On balance, I'd probably take the Sonor but I'd happily take the Yamaha too. I've played both and think they're great. It's down to the small differences, like you say. It might be worth tossing a coin. If it lands one way and you decide to go for the other anyway then that'll tell you everything you need to know!


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any thoughts on the Pearl VML against the two as well?!
I don't know much about those sets, but here's a pretty lengthy thread about them:

About the Sonors - they're discontinued, aren't they? What kind of sizes are you looking at?
The little I've seen about them, says they have a 22"x20" bass - is that what you're looking for?

Are other options offered for bass sizes? Can you get extra drums that match if you decide you want to expand your set?

Bass drum size options and availability of extra drums are a couple of good features about the Stage Customs.