Sonor 507 or Mapex Voyager


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Personally I would get the Sonor. I like the hardware much better. The shells are virtually identical. For cymbals on a tight budget I like the new Sabian B8 Pros or XS20's if you can afford them.


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Hey guys let me introduce myself. I'm Nishant from Bangalore,India. I've been playing drums for a few years on a local Indian made kit which is not the greatest(by this i mean belted to the core) and I finally convinced my folks to get me a new kit. So I've shortlisted the Sonor 507 and the Mapex Voyager. The Sonor sounds pretty good but I haven't hear the Mapex. Which one do i buy. There are a few other Korean or Chinese makes(Jinbao,DB drums etc) but I've been advised against them. And I'm lookin at some entry level cymbals. Something which costs close to the Paiste 101 series. Please give some tips guru's.

P.S: Sorry for the long post :D