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Hi Grace

I highly recommend the Sonor 3007. Great kit!

I'm a drum teacher in the UK and use a 3007 to teach and gig with. The build quality is very good, very sturdy and the sound is great (especially for the price) ...and let's face it they look good too. I don't think you'll want to upgrade for a while. I've been drumming for 20 years and used a huge variation of drums. I'm very happy with my 3007s.

Hope this helps ..and good luck with the kit buying.


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I own three kits, two of which are Sonors, and one of which being the 3007. It does all my "Donkey work" - as in, all the rougher, more carefree shows around town and its truly a workhorse. Great investment.

Grace :)

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thanks for all your comments.
I've heard nothing but positive things about these kits, and after looking into them more I'm off to buy one this weekend

Grace :)

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I purchased my Force 3007 in Blue Sparkle 6 months ago and love it!

thats the colour im getting, it looks absolutely amazing from the pictures.

just out of interest what heads would you recommend? I was thinking evans G2 batters and evans G1 resonant, as I quite like this combination. Has anyone found anything that sounds good?
just out of interest what heads would you recommend? I was thinking evans G2 batters and evans G1 resonant said:
If you want two ply heads just get the batters. Sonor 3007 come with single ply clear Remo UT(= remo ambassador/evans G1) top and bottom so you have all the resonant heads you need. I think the weakest head is the bass drum UT batter which should be like Powerstroke®3 but is not.



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Sonor Force 3007 is an awesome kit. I would not buy the series below. In that case I would rather buy one of the Japanese branches or in really low class a Mapex. But in this price range the Force 3007 are amazing! Get some better snare wires for the snare (e.g. Pure Sound) or by a better snare.


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i 2nd getting new snare wires and/or snare. i put a 20 strand of pure sound blasters and still can't get the sound i want. i even put a dunnett throw off on thinking that might help and still nothing. i'm currently using a '78 ludwig coliseum! what a beast.

regarding heads. i use evans ec2 clear batters on top and ec resonants on bottom. I like the sound i get from them but some are not fans of them. i think the g1's and 2's are a good choice as well.
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Grace :)

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ok, thanks.
i'll bear that in mind when buying new heads. I'll probably replace the bass and batter heads before anything anyway.

And the kit doesn't come with a snare because it's ex-display so I'll try out some different snares first