songs that use all ride cymbal to keep beat


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My band plays a few Hendrix tunes where the ride is carrying the tune.....Hey Joe, Foxy Lady, All Along the least that's how I interperet how Mitch was doing it.
Nevertheless, it works!
Interesting - I've played Hey Joe a thousands times and never thought of using the ride.


I think Pearl Jam - Betterman is one. Maybe Daughter too, been a while since I've listened to those guys.
Dave Abbruzzese actually does a double stroke pattern between the HH and the ride for "Daughter". Man, his drumming on VS. was awesome!

Lunar Satellite Brian

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To me the ride cymbal is just an alternative to the high hats. Or in my case hi hats are usually an alternative to the ride. It should really be surprising that sometimes people will use the ride throughout the entire song, as should it not be surprising that you would use the hi hats throughout the song.


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House Of The Rising Sun-Animals.....Yes, I'm old too!
That was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar at a rather young age... I played the hell out of that song as a kid, and never paid attention to the lyrics, because I later realized it's a song about a whore house.


That was one of the first songs I learned on the guitar at a rather young age... I played the hell out of that song as a kid, and never paid attention to the lyrics, because I later realized it's a song about a whore house.
Yea, I played it in one of the first bands I was in many years ago.....back when the song was new! We cover it now in one of the bands I play in; kind of full a circle thing I suppose! I don't think I really was hip to the lyrics for quite some time either!


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Is the ride used thoughout on Rock This House by the Stray Cats? I could never figure out what he was playing, but I'm not even sure the drummer had a HH, since it was only a 3 piece kit, IIRC.


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I think that lots of 50's rockabilly and rock n roll songs are played with the ride cymbal from the beggining to the end...
I see on youtube many of those bands, mainly europeans, and some have just a snare and a ride as the drumkit!

But an example: Shakin all over, by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Oh, and I don't have shure, but is I Feel Fine, by The Beatles, played with ride cymbal almost exclusively?

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Nick Mason of Pink Floyd uses the ride in many songs and albums. I personally enjoy using the ride. It gives off a nice sound.


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Not the first time this topic has come up but I'm kinda glad it did. Last night at practice we were working on this new song and I just couldn't get myself onto the hi hat - it was losing something every time I tried. There this tug (of habit) always pulling me to do some back-and-forth between hats and ride but this song wasn't having any of it. So I caved and stayed on the ride. It just sounds right.

I'm listening to "Don't Fear The Reaper" because I thought it was all ride all the time, but there are hi hat parts ... it's close.

Jazz. Of course that's the easy answer. Different animal, though.


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Bob Wilson (cousin of the Beach Boy Wilsons) on this Seawind track.
I remember watching him play this live back in Hawaii. He could keep up the constant ride though the whole song. On the recording, compression and production make it sound like he periodically stops, but live he kept it going.

Nice fluglehorn solo by Jerry Hey as well.

Anon La Ply

Garbage - I Would Die for You - original version before all the remixes.

I once thought the House of the Rising Sun was a scary Japanese house that somehow brought boys to ruin. Possibly due to ninjas. I didn't know what any songs were about back then, just that I liked the general vibe. Not much has changed :)


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All AC/DC songs....just kidding!!! We all know it is quite the opposite.

Speaking of Procol Harum, most Robin Tower songs, especially the early stuff, feature 90% ride cymbal 10% hihat. Reg Isidore used the ride very expertly to fill in spaces in the trio setting. Check out Bridge Of Sighs album for some great songs that prominently feature ride cymbal. Here is an example although it is well after Isidore had left the band.


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Any song in the surf genre. Take your pick: Miserlou, Pipeline, Apache, The Wedge, Diamond Head, Penetration, Mr. Moto, Wipeout, or about a thousand others.


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I use ride on almost every song right through.
I dislike just doesn't work with our music.
We're a three instrument punk band and hats leaves a huge gap in the sound of the band. I've noticed it and asked the band view and they've noticed it to.
Not only do I play ride through most songs, it's also hard, swisshy, ride right through (to varying volumes). Not much pingy stuff...not much subtlety at all really....we're a bit like a musical version of Stalin :)
It keeps our music loud, and honest.
I'm more than half inclined to dump the hi hat altogether, or, as I'm currently learning to use double bass pedal and it's coming on rather well, I might just purchase a closed hi hat for the rare occasion I use it.
I would also like to invest in a second ride cymbal on my left side of the kit so I have some balance in my kit setup.


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House of the Rising Sun
Was listening to the album it's off on my way to practice last night...

The Animals get my juices flowing...Roadrunner...bwufff what an album.

More strange for me because I'm a self-confessed hardcore disliker of blues and jazz....yet Jeez...this is

Arghhhh I can't speak the word



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Seems to me alot of modern music the ride is virtually forgotten...and they ride on a crash cymbal. I dislike this.