Songs idea for a summer show


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Hi everybody

I'm playing the drums about a year+ now. I think I'm doing OK, and can manage with most Rock basic drum beats, like Stairway to heaven by Zeppelin, Use somebody by Kings of leon and even Roxanne by the Police (Not that it sounds like stewart, yes?....) etc.

This summer, the school where I learn is going to have a drum party, in which every drummer will drum in a song he chooses, with a live band (Guitar, Bass, Vocals).

I'm looking for some familiar songs, which will not be easy for me to play nor very very hard(hard like Dream Theater, yes?).

Anyway, If you could throw some ideas, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance


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Does your selection depend on the abilities of the rest of the band? If you pick a song, will they learn it if they don't know it?


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No Problem. They are pros!!!

Of course we all prefer familiar songs, so the audience could participate.