song lyrics writers?


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hi, me and my friends want to compose a song but we have had no luck what so ever coming up with song lyrics, everything we think of has already been done, i can't stop going along to the tune of dani california by rhcp.

anyone know anyone or anywhere we can get lyrics written? i think we could come up with a rhythm if we just had the lyrics. thanks


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Lyrics never sound as good to you as they will to others. I am one of the two lyricists in my band and some of the things I have written make me cringe when sung. It is important to remember that the melody (not rhythm) is what is important. I can think of thousands of songs with lame lyrics that I sing along to every time they come on the radio because the melody is great. Hell, half of the RHCP songs are just Anthony rattling off States and Countries. Write about what you know, I assume you are young so write about friends, girlfriends, parties, whatever you guys do for fun. You may be surprised. The simpler the better.

BTW, Dani California and Last Dance with Mary Jane always sounded a lot alike to me. Everybody steals from everybody.


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Has anybody ever written a song about cranes? That'll be $500...

But really, it is much more about the melody and music than the lyrics. Dream Theater is still a popular band, right? If you're having trouble with the lyrics, try writing some part of the music first. I find that it's usually easier for me to write lyrics and then the actual lines than to write vocal lines and graft lyrics onto them, but your writing style may differ.

Composing a piece, for me, is usually somewhat immune to writer's block because there are so many avenues to work from. If I can't seem to progress any more writing a guitar part, for example, I'll just switch to a different instrument and try to write a section 'featuring' (or at least based on) that instrument. I would recommend trying the same in your own ventures.


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Take a song writing or poetry class at a local college. Writing is easy for some and no so for others. Either way there are does and don'ts as well as technical aspects to writing. Maybe a class will help free up your creative juices. Or hire a lyricist.