Something of a Professional Drummer


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Let's be honest: paid services are drying up as people lean more towards hearing music performed exactly how they're used to it (i.e. using a DJ). What's the experience worth to you? Have you ever played with a group like that? Could you jump in, at any time, a paid gig and play flawlessly? Have you played time to a conductor, accompanying a large group? Is it worth the social aspect, and will you make new contacts and friends from it?

There's far too many variables for us to know on your end, but if you're living life to make a living from music, I wish you the best of luck.


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The networking potential here is huge, too. 50 players? Lots of connections to be made.

You might ask the bandleader if there's a particular length of commitment to be considered. You could offer 3-6 months of 100% commitment (even above paying gigs), so that the bandleader knows he can count on you to show up, and can make plans for the long term. After a mutually agreed upon time period, you can assess again whether it's the right situation for you. If you decide, at that point, to move on, you'll have acted in a straightforward manner, so there'll be no need for anyone to burn bridges or be upset.

Yes, you might have to pass up a few paying gigs, but in the long run it will probably be worth it to be around all those players. I don't know what your scene is like, but probably some players in that group work in musical theater, which is usually a paying situation.